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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier

Job Scrum Mistress / PM agile
email eve [dot] vinclair [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number 0033660541670
Company Freelance
City (Country) Caen
Time 1h
Type of Conference Other (Indicate your format in the description field)
Level Sensitized

Workshop “The Proxy Product Owner - Mister Potato Head in good shape”


I was an agile Guerilla during several years in a “traditional” software company, I learned all tricks to do creative “hidden agile”. I experienced “le bonheur” at KnpLabs, a young agile start-up, as agile project manager - and I invented my own role of Proxy Product Owner. I find myself working as certified Scrum Mistress, agile Consultant and core membre of the Club Agile Caen. We recently organized the #PrintempsAgile with Jurgen Appelo (OMG!). Beeing German, with a french soul, I always try to find out the best of two cultures and traditions...


Workshop “The Proxy Product Owner - Mister Potato Head in good shape” Never heard about the Proxy Product Owner? Indeed, he is not existing in agile theories, but when it comes to manage real projects, his role is emerging. For a lot of different reasons we need an intermediary between the real Product Owner and the development team. We will discuss these reasons during the workshop, discover and define together the role of the PPO. Just for fun, we got a VIP for our workshop : “Mister Potato Head” in his Superman dress. I will write down on a paperboard the PPO definitions proposed by each participant and as soon as the group likes a definition, we will add a piece of clothing on Mister Potato Head, till he is in good shape ...


Public Max 10 persons in a round table project managers with experience on agile projects project managers who want to agilize their traditional projects everyone curious about agile projects, knowing the agile theories

Benefits for the attendees

Objectives and benefits for the participants I’d like to share my experiences with other project managers who worked on agile projects and who experienced the limits of the PO role, or simply with curious people who want to know more about the PPO role - and of course with fans of Mister Potato Head! Personal objectives and benefits I love to chat about agile projects, exchange experience and learn from others by telling my story. Last but not least, there will be a great benefit for Mister Potato Head, who will be finally well covered ad the end of the workshop.

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