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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Matthew Philip

Job agile coach and trainer
email mphilip [at] thoughtworks [dot] com
Skypeid matthew.philip
Phone number +1 3142767941
Company ThoughtWorks
City (Country) ST. LOUIS
Time 1h
Type of Conference Workshop / 40 attendees
Level Everybody

Allez-y! How to become a more assertive QA


Matt has worked in software development for more than 10 years, and in agile teams since 2006, as a coach, trainer, QA lead, tester and facilitator. He is particularly passionate about behavior-driven development, lean-kanban, continual improvement, whole-team approach and gamification. 


The state of the art and practice of QA in agile teams has stagnated. While programmers have evolved and expanded other agile practices, QAs on agile teams are still too often passive bystanders, sometimes even allowing themselves to be kept in the waterfall way of testing.  This energetic session will be more like rants interspersed between lightning-talk fish bowls than a mild-mannered talk, because it's intended as a call to action for quality analysts working in agile teams to be more assertive. The session assumes that participants will have some experience with and are already doing some test automation; it approaches QA as: "We're automating. Now what?" Mechanics: In short, it's lightning talks combined with fish bowls: a series of lightning-talk fish bowls initiated by the presenter, with participation from attendees. The presenter will introduce each topic with a brief overview. Topics: 1. Where does testing fit into your kanban board? 2. Exploratory testing != clickin' around 3. Why is acceptance-test driven development so difficult?  4. Visualizing quality with metrics 5. Facilitating continuous improvement

Benefits for the attendees

Outcomes: Participants will: Be challenged and inspired to take a more assertive and valuable role in their teams Be equipped with new ways of thinking and working to enable them to be leaders for quality Learn practical techniques to take back to their teams to invigorate their work starting Monday

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