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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Ron Eringa

Job Agile coach
email ron [dot] eringa [at] gmail [dot] com
Skypeid ron.eringa
Phone number +31(0)626312945
Company Kaizen coaches
City (Country) Netherlands
Time 1h
Type of Conference Workshop / 40 attendees
Level Everybody

The Agile Tipping Point


In his daily job, Ron Eringa is an Agile coach, currently working at Philips Healthcare. Since he started his career 12 years ago he has encountered lots of softare projects, struggling with traditional development methodologies, having forgotten how beautifull it is to develop software. However, about 6 years ago he also encountered projects working with Scrum & Agile and he saw that teams rediscovered that original spark that made them become good software developers. In the last few years Ron has been providing Agile workshops and coaching Agile teams while also participating as a Scrum master and Developer himself. Ron is an enthousiastic speaker, who enjoys to share knowledge and work with empowered teams. In his private life, Ron is a husband and father of 2 daughters. His hobbies are running, skiing, photography and reading.


This session is based on the New York bestseller "The tipping point" by Malcolm Gladwell. We will use the practicle examples from the book to have a discussion on finding discriminators that can help in coaching an organisation to a higher performance level. The session is an interactive workshop with room for bringin in examples from the audience. The goal of the session is to determine a concrete plan for each participant. Participants are invited to think of their own environment to see if we can find the factors that might reach a tipping point in their organisation. We will discuss a case in the workshop as an example.


Intended audience: Everyone of you who wants to force a change at work or even in your private life. Optimal Room setup should be arranged in cabaret style. Of course a whiteboard with sticky notes and a beamer should be there as well :-)

Benefits for the attendees

Learn why it is that some ideas & behaviors start epidemics and others don't. Discover which factors have influence on spreading a message. Using this information we will define some practical tips that can help you spread the message more efficient.

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