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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Jan De Baere

email Baere [at] aalst [dot] com
City (Country) Aalst (Belgium)
Time 1h
Type of Conference Workshop / 80 attendees
Level Everybody

Case studies: Kanban at personal, software, non software and portfolio level


Jan is a change manager/advisor in the field of IT with a focus on business benefit and people. He discovered Agile during this active participation in the cultural transformation of his company towards adhocraty (same values as Agile). In this transformation he started up corporate governance and did it the Agile way. Today Jan is a scrum coach at Electrablel – BeNeDeLux – where he introduced scrum, Kanban and visual management. He is also a certified scrum professional.


As project management office in a large and traditional Belgium company we promote - unofficaly - agility in the company. One of the things is that we started to use kanban/visual management. It starts with a quick overview of kanban so everybody should be able to follow. Main thing is to show real live examples : - Three maintenance teams - Two non software teams - Personal - Portfolio level (200+ projects) As well in the maintenance teams as in the non software teams we have distributed team. As side information on the portfolio level topic you'll also receive an idea on how we included agile in our project management method.

Benefits for the attendees

- Kanban intro - see real live examples of Kanban/visual management at different levels and domains

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