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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Jef Cumps

email jef [at] ilean [dot] be
Skypeid jef.cumps
Company iLean
City (Country) Belgium
Time 1h
Type of Conference Workshop / 40 attendees
Level Everybody

How to solve your toughest impediments


Jef is specialized in Scrum and Agile coaching and training. He has gained a lot of experience while supporting organizations, teams and individuals into adopting Scrum and Agile best practices. Jef is one of the very few Certified Scrum Coaches worldwide. Next to Scrum and Agile, Jef’s passions include training, professional coaching and communication. This makes him an Agile trainer and coach that is creating value by focusing on people and teamwork. Some recent, happy customers of Jef are: ING, SD Worx, GeoDynamics, Luminus, Provincie Antwerpen, Sony, Vivium and Nike.


Did you ever struggle getting management support or decisions? Are you looking for ways to assess and address organizational impediments that are blocking or holding back your implementation of Agile? Then join this session to learn how the Lean A3 tool helps you in - defining a problem or desired outcome - quantifying costs and benefits - getting buy-in and approval to solve the problem - following-up on the solution This session will be a guided exercise, where the facilitators provide the necessary insights and knowledge ‘just in time’ during the session. You will work in small groups that first identify common, hard-to-solve impediments or problems. After clustering and prioritizing all impediments, each group will build an A3 for one of them. This will provide all session participants with A3’s for all chosen, top impediments that they can use in their own team or organization.


We address everybody who is interested in improvement with this session. In particular, ScrumMasters, Agile coaches and project managers will greatly benefit from learning the A3 tool. No specific experience or knowledge is required for attending this workshop.

Benefits for the attendees

In this session, we won’t only teach you the A3 tool, but we’ll get you applying it to your current top impediment. This way, you’ll walk out of the room with a solid understanding of the powerful A3 tool and with at least one impediment less. ☺

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