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Submitted Conference Content

Full name


Job Architect
email mde [at] octo [dot] com
Phone number 33617175412
Company OCTO Technology
City (Country) Paris
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Sensitized

Agility at large scale : a return on experience


2 speakers : Mathieu DESPRIEE & Hervé LOURDIN Mathieu DESPRIEE is senior architect and manager at Octo Technology. Graduated from the french engineering school ENSEIRB, he has 11 years of experience in software development, and architecture. Since his arrival at OCTO, he works as well as a consultant on architecture, and as a technical leader in Agile projects. Hervé LOURDIN is consultant and manager at OCTO Technology. Hervé has 12 years of experience as IS architect, starting at SUN Microsystems on infrastructure topics, and then at OCTO Technology. He also acts as agile coach and team facilitator. Hervé has led transitions to agile for numerous customers. He is today product manager of the private appstore service


A software project implying 80 people, divided in 9 teams across 4 countries. A product that must sustain an activity of more than 5'000'000 sale transactions per day. A first deployment to production expected 6 months after project startup. And new features every 2 months. Who said that Agile was not adapted to large projects ? We will share with you our experience on a project involving a rollout of agile methodologies at large scale : feature-teams, communities of practice, switching to continuous stream of work without iterations, using lead-time metrics, frequent delivery and deployment to production in a single click, collaborative decision-making… What you will learn : - Our “do’s and don’t's” about agile methodologies when applied to large projects - The organization models we put in place - Our best practices to keep the stream under control in a large project - Key tools and skills to start such a project


Knowledge of SCRUM, and common practices (TDD, agile rituals, retrospectives…)

Benefits for the attendees

An overview of good and bad practices, as we experienced them in the project.

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