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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Matthew Philip

Job agile coach and trainer
email mphilip [at] thoughtworks [dot] com
Skypeid matthew.philip
Phone number 3142767941
Company ThoughtWorks
City (Country) ST. LOUIS
Time 1h30
Type of Conference Workshop / 80 attendees
Level Everybody

Workplay: The gamified future of agile development


Matt Philip (agile coach/trainer, ThoughtWorks) Matt has worked in software development for more than 10 years, and in agile teams since 2006, as a coach, trainer, QA lead, tester and facilitator. He is particularly passionate about behavior-driven development, lean-kanban, continual improvement, whole-team approach and gamification. 


What if work life were more like a game? Recent books show how we can use games and virtual worlds to improve and change the way we work and how businesses compete. This session explores how agile delivers intrinsic rewards, like social connection and meaning, and ways in which we can transform work using game thinking and mechanics to engage people and teams. This session, itself structured as a game, will challenge and equip attendees to replace traditional management practices with a gamefully designed agile workplace to create more successful organizations and more satisfied workers. Process/Mechanics The session itself will be a game, as participants will form teams and engage in learning “quests” during the session, including: * Hearing presentation/lecture with questions answered as they are asked (~30 minutes) * Participating in activities that apply learning to their actual work environments (~7 minutes each)

Benefits for the attendees

Learning outcomes • Understanding of why we should gamify agile teams • Understanding of what gamification is • Understanding of how agile teams already experience gamelike mechanics and benefits • Understanding of how agile teams can gain further benefits from gamification • Understanding of how to gamify agile teams • Understanding of dangers and reasons why not to gamify

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