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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Bart Coelus

Job project manager
email bart [at] coelus [dot] net
Phone number
City (Country) Belgium
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop < 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Agile Falls: flowing agile in waterfall wonderland


project manager & agilist. Prince2 certified Project manager, agile & lean coach, day-to-day product ownership (including design guidance, project coordination, team management, documentation control, finance and managing software roll-outs). Maintains customer contact and relationships and translates requirements into working solutions. I believe customer centric feature driven projectmanagement is the only way!


I'll inspire how to organize a team to work 'the agile way' in a non-agile and non-scrum company (from medium - to big size). How to interact with waterfall organized teams, how to deliver an 'analysis' without using waterfall - and keep focus on user oriented analysis, design and JIT analysis and delivery. How to deal with frequent and (too) early releases in a company that does not want frequent releases... I'll talk about the opportunities, the risks and the challenges. In the session I'll refer to a real project (300K budget, 8 'teammembers' and about 15 flexible teams/stakeholders not in the team that is ongoing and that is a pilot project to roll-out agile within the company). I'll also talk about the setup of agile coaching and share my work-in-progress succes to be story Furthermore I'll explain how to mix waterfall roles with agile roles (and give an example). I show how to mix Kanban with scrum techniques and how to adapt scrum to interact with teams and people working 'waterfall' / and expecting waterfall.

Benefits for the attendees

Expect an interactive session - I want to inspire, and teach something. Next to that I want to learn myself, from the audience.

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