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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Stephane Rondal

email stephane [dot] rondal [at] arexo [dot] be
Company Arexo
City (Country) Belgium
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop < 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Learning How (and why) to Estimate User Stories


When he's not busy with his family, traveling, or toying around with geeky stuff, Stephane Rondal is an avid Agilist. He has been learning, applying and teaching Agile since 2005, on solo projects up to projects involving highly distributed teams.  Stephane is a frequent trainer on Agile matters, as well as a Java/Java EE architect. He's also the co-founder of Arexo, a Belgian IT consultancy company.  


Experience has shown me that in most projects, be them Agile or not, user stories are not being estimated. Is this your case too? Actually, there's no need to estimate user stories. Lean principles even drive us to consider such estimation to be a waste. Well, now you have an excuse for not having estimations ;-) but usually management and/or customers don't see it this way, and do require estimations in order to calculate a release date for the project.  The good thing is that estimating user stories does not need to be painful. In fact, Agile techniques exist that are simple, quick, surprisingly efficient and even fun! During this session, you'll learn about story points, velocity, planning poker, etc. A small workshop will allow you to experiment live with these techniques. And even if you're already familiar with the above techniques, or if you are more into Kanban/Continuous delivery rather than Scrum/Iteration-driven, you'll see other/simpler ways to reach the same goal.  

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