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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Ankit Gupta

Job Systems Engineer - Developer
email ankit [dot] gupta8898 [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number 9004408181
Company Tata Consultancy services
City (Country) 30K
Time 30'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Healthy_Product_backlog.eql? let_me _(developer) _break _down _the_tasks


Ankit Gupta has Industry Experience of around 3 years, is working and has worked on various Ruby on Rails projects and is Working with Tata Consultancy Services. He loves working in Agile and Scrum as it provides complete ownership, and enables to leverage skills to fullest and deliver quality


I want to take a step forward here and take the audience to the new way of looking at the backlog, a "Healthy Backlog" . I want to emphasize the agile teams to focus first on evolving a healthy product backlog by supplementing it with accurate estimations, accounted with uncertainties, market trends, latest tools and techniques, POC's and quality at every step. In this session I want to focus at how developers can play a big role during sprint planning and revisiting backlog on drilling down stories of a high level backlog into to sub stories and tasks. Developers opinions on a story with reference to estimations/technical challenges associated with previous stories, enables the Product Owner to churn out a sprint plan. In designing this sprint the big stories are revisited by the developers, the scope of the stories is revisited and realistically achievable stories are drafted and committed in that sprint. This practice gives the sprint a much more practical look and avoids scenarios where the stories are passed into other sprints or spilled over there by preventing scope creeps and churning a healthy sprint that meets commitments and expectations.

Benefits for the attendees

Individuals working on Agile and Scrum as Developers will be benefited from this as they can take there Role more seriously as developers.

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