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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Manoo Kapoor

Job Scrum Master
email manoo [dot] kapoor [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number 91-7842717370
Company Computer Sciences Corporation
City (Country) Hyderabad
Time 45'
Type of Conference Other (Indicate your format in the description field)
Level Everybody

When Harry met Sally: The impact of continuous feedback


I am a Certified Scrum Master and for the past 2 years I have involved in various Agile Practices.I have rich experience working with teams who adopted Scrum for the 1st time. As an Agile Coach I am certified Internal Trainer in CSC and have conducted varous session to spread awareness about Scrum.


Harry is a traditional Scrum Master who believes that Retrospectives and Product Demos are the only forms of feedback. Whereas Sally is a modern Scrum Master who has understood the importance of having smaller loops of Feedbacks. Sally has applied various techniques to reduce delays in feedback which has in turn has enhanced the experience of Agile Development In this interactive session Manoo Kapoor CSM and an Agile Mentor from CSC intends to introduce Harry with the Principles and Techniques Sally has adopted. He would like to outline how Sally's smaller feedback loop theory has brought in enhanced collaboration and transparency. He will start the talk with a small game followed by a through empirical analysis of the essentials of closed Feedback. He would share various methods that he has implemented in his team that has facilitated feedback not only to team but also to Product Stake Holders.


It would be good if audience has basic overview about Scrum and Its basic priciples.

Benefits for the attendees

In this Fun and learn session the biggest take away for the audience would be the ability to understand empirical theory behind closed loop feedback. Having worked with cross geographic multi vendor teams I have applied various strategies to facilitate this continuous feedback in truest sense. I would like to share with the audience few of these best practices.


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