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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Prerna Kale

Job Product Owner
email prerna [dot] kale [at] tcs [dot] com
Phone number 98206 37089
Company TCS
City (Country) 20 K
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Pig? Chicken? why care ? Just Be a Get Things Done Guy, and effective backlog ensured !!


I have Industry Experience of around seven years, and worked on various projects as a freelancer IT Business Analyst in Australia and US. I am a Management Post Graduate and currently working with Tata Consultancy Services from more than two years. I am enjoying my stint as an energetic Product Owner in Agile teams from last 2 years. I definitely feel empowered in a Product owner role and mesmerized by the challenges that come across while ensuring a successful product delivery. Not just delivery but a quality one.. Reason I look forward to continue as a PO is the commitment it requires and makes me more passionate in the projects I undertake.


Is it possible to get spared of Global impact? Business globally are getting demanding, competetion is tough and no room is left for error. With the growing pressure, the common scenario that exists across organizations is the expectation to undertake multiple roles. With this fad the team size has shortened and the roles have been merged. Yes I am referring to the varied Avtars PO and developers are masked with in order to come out as a winning team or be a get things done guy thereby ensuring that the backlog is done. I will take the audience through various such roles that I an my team has performed successfully with great results and customer deight. Idea is to showcase the enablers that can be used by a PO or tech lead or Scrum Master to resolve impediments faster, motivate teams to multitask-that is play each others roles with ease, and deliver better quality. This will also ensure empowering teams and loads of positive behavious and commitment will come, which ofcourse are the insured ingredients of success!!

Benefits for the attendees

It will help the audience to know how effectively they can work as a team by sharing responsibity of the entire backlog not just the stories. The enablers I will present will help to foster better team spirit. They will also get acquainted with the potential roles they are capable of playing and increase their ability to deliver the projects successfully.

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