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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Neha Kanotra

Job IT Analyst
email kanotraneha [at] gmail [dot] com
Company Tata Consultancy Services
City (Country) 20K USD
Time 30'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

7 Winning Strategies of Effective Release Planning- A PO story!


Neha Kanotra has been associated with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. for last 5.5 years. She has worked in Environments and Configuration Management Team for four years. She was introduced to Agile Methodology last year and enjoying her stint as a PO since then.


7 Winning Strategies of Effective Release Planning- A PO story! When the project is in the nascent stage where the sponsors are still envisioning their product and the architects are juggling to determine the design, the biggest challenge for the Product Owner is to mastermind a release plan. A release planning is where the chickens become pigs and assist sponsors in conceptualizing the product and deliver a product backlog which becomes a tool for the sponsors to measure the Success of a Project. Agile has transformed the way IT delivered the projects traditionally with increased collaboration with sponsors and frequent deliveries.Release Planning becomes vital to any project as it creates crucial milestones for the delivery team by translating the organisation's Vision and leveraging the Team's Velocity. Although the responsibility of release planning primarily lies with the Product Owner but it cannot be achieved without the inputs from all stakeholders.Keeping this in mind, my goal is to present different tools and techniques that can enable the project team to contribute to an effective release plan and to Burn-it-Down. In this conference I intend to share my spicy recipe of creating a successful release plan, some tips and tricks that have worked for me as a PO to make release planning effective and productive.


Awareness of Agile Methodology

Benefits for the attendees

Tips, Tricks and Tools to make release planning effective and productive - the agile way!

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