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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Mansi Shah

Job Developer
email mann403 [at] rediffmail [dot] com
Phone number 9967503853
Company Tata Consultacy Services
City (Country) Mumbai
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Wanna Rocking Backlog!! You need to walk the race with me (developer).


I have been working with Tata Consultancy Services for the past 5 years and an agilist since last 2 years. An Engineering graduate, I am enjoying a role of Agile developer and am primarily responsible for implementing user stories with TDD approach. I have executed several client projects in the past 2 years majorly on Ruby on Rails as technology. I am quite passionate about agile methodology and personally find it very interesting and easy to execute as it defines particular responsibilities for every role.


Good decisions are always the outcome of team's consensus, and are bound to fail if made in isolation. If the developers' thoughts do not resonate with the backlog then even the best plans will tumble and fail to rock. I would like to stress that churning the agile requirements into workable software that burns the product backlog involves seamless partnership between product owners and developers. Be it product backlog estimation or sprint planning for a production release to finally raise the curtain to success, it all involves right maturity and coordination from developers. I, as an agile Lead developer would like to showcase how crucial is technologist's role in organizing a true product backlog that guarantees success. My talk would be revolve majorly around below four points - 1. I would share how important and sometimes challenging it is to estimate a story with TDD approach. 2. I intend to explore for myself and take a deep dive into how effective is inclusion of technical stories to a backlog. 3. I would also like to elaborate on required collaboration between PO and developer to meet the commitments by breaking down a particular task/story sensibly ensuring a workable unit task at hand. 4. Lastly, I would share some challenging scenarios of getting the efforts towards resolving a bug accountable in a backlog and lessons learned out of it. Discussing above pointers with examples and with real scenarios, I would want to spread the message as to how collaborative teamwork, thoughtful and practical inputs from a developer go a long way in ensuring a quality and timely outcome from a well-thought backlog.


Basic understanding of Agile methodology

Benefits for the attendees

Agile teams and developers would benefit from my experienced scenarios about the required collaboration between PO and developers while designing a realistic product backlog. Developers would get an idea on how to get certain hidden practical tasks visible and get them accountable in motive to reach team goals in predicted duration.

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