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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Steve Conard

Job Project Manager
email steve [dot] conard [at] cronos [dot] be
Phone number +32476763536
Company Cronos
City (Country) Kontich
Time 2h00
Type of Conference Workshop / 20 attendees
Level Everybody

How to do great Retrospectives!


Steve Conard As project manager, Steve has gained experience in different complex environments. According to Steve, a good use of methodology is important, but people are the key to success. He is driven by a passion to achieve success by working together with his team. The team is my strength, is Steve's motto! Jef Cumps Jef Cumps is working as an Agile and Scrum coach for iLean. His main focus is facilitating Scrum transitions within teams and organizations, supporting durable changes towards a culture based on trust, results and continuous improvement.


One of the most important parts of Scrum are the Retrospectives held at the end of every sprint. But how do you ensure that these meetings are varied and do not become boring? How to get to concrete results that make a real difference? In this session you will learn tools and techniques to organize fun and effective Retrospectives. Guided by our experienced Scrum coaches, participants will share ideas and best practices on how to make Retrospectives kick ass! Learning Objectives * Get more insight in the possibilities for organizing interesting Retrospectives * Share ideas amongst the participants * Hear real-life examples and opinions about Retrospectives Target Audience Everybody interested in Scrum and improving its Scrum implementation through Retrospectives is welcome! Session Outline Our goal is to define and discuss how to run Retrospectives that are fun, interesting and effective during all sprints in the project. After an introduction on the subject, participants will be divided in small groups to do an actual Retrospective, focused on sharing experiences and ideas to improve Retrospectives . At the end of the session we will debrief results and draw conclusions on how to run the best Retrospectives. Timetable: * Brief presentation about retrospective (15 min) Set the stage, Gather data, Generate insights, Decide what to do, Closing * Short sprint were the the participants can compete with each other. They will build a tower or paper plane. (15 min) * Retrosession (30 min) Then the retro's will start about the sprint they just did. Each group have to choose a Scum Master who will facilitate their retro. In the room will be mini manuals available about techniques they can use during the retro. Of course the groups are free to use other techniques if they like. * Teach back session among the groups (30 min) What did each group learned in the retro session. What was their experience?


Everybody interested in Scrum and improving its Scrum implementation through Retrospectives is welcome!

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