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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Christophe Addinquy

Job Project Manager
email addinquy [at] computer [dot] org
Skypeid addinquy
Phone number +33(0)622 914 778
Company Vidal
City (Country) Paris
Time 15'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Sensitized

The virtues of emergence


Christophe Addinquy is projects manager at Vidal where he actively be implied in Scrum deployment in the company. He was also involved in object oriented odoption in the end of the '80 and in the "design patterns" movement in the 90, including participation in conférences and in publications. As a consultant and technical coordinator at Valtech, he pioneered the agile strategy of the company in the early 2000. Outside his professional duties, Christophe Addinquy is the secretary of the French Scrum User Group and member of the bureau since its beginning in 2008.


The emergent thinking is one of the hardest concept to understand. Often restricted to architecture considerations, this way of thinking is even reneged by non or fake agilists. This talk will show that emergence, beyond its way of thinking is a fundamental mechanism of agile projects, well beyond architecture considerations : to understand problems, the way teams work and even enterprise strategies. We'll see thet emergence surpass the agile projects field and also applies to unsuspected domains.


Understanding of agile concepts and culture.

Benefits for the attendees

Why the emergent thinking is so valuable ? What's in this way of thinking that can't be replaced by an analytical or a top-down approach ? This talk gives the particiapnt a mata-reflexion opportunity : think about the way we are thinking and we build our solutions. With such a goal, this session is nevertheless crafted to be entertaining and fun !


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